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Learn through Movement

I was a frustated mom trying the conventional methods of teaching my child. After scouring the internet, I found the connection between LEARNING and MOVEMENT.

The successes made me realize I had to share these unique ways to help children learn.  Let’s do this together and get your child learning while they move!

After all, these tools and resources can help give your child the motivation and skills they need to learn!


Free lessons, printables, and current research articles.


Life isn’t just sitting behind a desk but in the moments in between.


Life is hard but a strong foundation will help you pull through.


What Kim’s Students Are Saying

“Before my daughter started with Kim she struggle so much with her spelling words and sight words. She would shut down with my husband and myself. After about two sessions we could see a change. Logan is ADHD and sitting down at the kitchen table with us just wasn’t working. She responded to Kim’s method of moving around very well and started passing all her spelling test. We are so grateful for Kim.”

Lori Lee

“My son has had issues learning his letters, learning to read and comprehending passages once he has read them. As a first grader, I knew he needed more help than his school was willing to provide. Once Kim began working with him, we noticed the information he was learning with her was being retained. The method Kim used to teach him was working, and he was finally learning. Most importantly, he felt successful and the methods Kim used with my son were exactly what he needed!”

Elizabeth Carlisle Beasley


Ready to teach while moving?

The time to stop sitting and being frustrated. Join the school and learn new methods that will bring joy back into teaching with your children.