Years ago a young girl had her life planned out.  She was to marry the love of her life and have no kinks in her plans.  This young girl probably was preparing wedding plans and thinking about that white picket fence.  She had so many hopes and dreams such as, how many kids they would have and what her job would be when she became older.  Her life was all planned out until one particular day.  God had other plans for her.  Without much of a warning she was visited by an angel named Gabriel.  Her life was about to be changed forever.  You have probably figured out that I am talking about Mary and Joseph.
I am sure she said, “But I had my life planned out differently”. She probably thought that God had the wrong person and she wasn’t worthy.  How many times do we feel this way?  We have our life planned out and we don’t want anything changing our plans.  We think that God has chosen the wrong person to do His job.  Or I am not worthy or good enough to share His word on His behalf.  Guess what!  God changes our plans to fulfill His plans.  What’s funny is that God’s plans ALWAYS work for our good!  He knows what is best for us even when we can’t see it.  I wanted to open a child-care center once.  I wanted it sooo badly and didn’t understand why it just didn’t work out.  God had shut all of the doors knowing what was best for me.  An assistant director opening came up at child-care center and I took the job.  I realized that I didn’t have what it took to run a big center like that.  I soon went back to my in-home daycare and was content.  God knew my strengths and weaknesses and owning a daycare was definitely not my strength.  He protected me!  Isn’t it awesome how God works!  Are you listening for God’s voice?   Are you going in your direction or His?  You might want something to go the way you have planned it.  Ask God if that is His will for you.  You never know, He might have different plans.  Obey Him and see where He takes you.  Ask for Him to open and shut doors for you. I never imagined that I would be blogging right now.  I have often felt like Moses where I didn’t feel capable of leading people to Christ.  I also have felt like Abraham.  I prayed and cried out to God that this blog is my Isaac (Abraham’s son – read the story here in Genesis 22:1-18).  I told God that I would sacrifice this blog if that was His will.  It was the hardest thing to pray for because this blog has really meant a lot to me.  I was going to shut it down if He wanted me to.  God revealed to me that, “This is my platform, be obedient and I will tell you what to say”.  He opened the doors instead of shutting them.  I knew then that this is what He wanted me to do.  If ,, you want me to pray for you and your decisions, leave a comment below.
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