Are you struggling getting your child ready in the morning?  I know I did.  My daughter is so slow by nature and hates getting up for school.  I was so tired of fussing with her every morning trying to get her ready on time.  Something had to change because I was becoming wore out.  Sound familiar?  I sat down with a friend of mine and she gave me some great tips. I have made a video for you with some of these tips.

Here is a recap of 5 things to do to make your mornings easier!

  1. Get them dressed at night
  2. Fix their lunch at night
  3. Have their hairbrush laid out for the next morning
  4. Have their toothbrush laid out
  5. Lay their socks and shoes out the night before

My strategy has changed the older she has become.  Now she completely gets ready before she can eat breakfast.  She is ready to eat when she wakes up so she gets ready a little quicker.  We still lay her clothes out and prepare her lunch at night.  I can reason with her the more mature she becomes.  If she doesn’t get ready on time, we take something away that she loves until she decides to follow the rules.  If you have any new ideas, I would love to hear them.  Place them in the comment below.


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