Ok, I know a lot of you are wondering “how do you get a healthy brain through movement?” or “why did you name this website ‘Brain On The Go’ “? And honestly, it was a long and windy journey that led to this decision. After years of researching how to blog AND how to teach my children it ultimately led to one truth. A healthy brain through movement!

A healthy BRAIN is always MOVING!

Let’s break this down.


Healthy covers everything! It isn’t just physical movement in regards to how you exercise your body additionally it accesses the state of your heart, mind, body and soul! Before moving your body, I want to move your heart.

And he answered, “You shall love the Lord your God with all your heart and with all your soul and with all your strength and with all your mind, and your neighbor as yourself.”

Luke 10:27

We are commanded to love with ALL our minds and that includes loving our family, friends, and neighbors. It starts with an active and teachable spirit in your heart, mind, and soul. 

Creating a healthy heart and mind starts with your faith walk that pours into your relationships. As a wife and mother, MY mind and heart health starts from the inside-out. From this cup comes an overflowing abundance of joy that pours into serving my family and educating children – MY personal ministry.

So you will also find ways to feed your BRAIN on the GO with heart-healthy faith-based articles that will hopefully transform you from the inside-out as well. Remember, a healthy mind and heart happens through action.

Healthy Brain through Movement

I distinguish “brain” from mind and heart because even wisdom and knowledge are not interchangeable. You can be knowledgeable but not wise. 

A goal of mine was to teach my children knowledge so that they could succeed in their academic careers which is how I came across creating a healthy brain through movement.

The health of their brain became apparently disparaging when grades were slipping and retention of academic works were not being grasped. 

What was the DISCONNECT between my children’s brain and their academic achievement?

-Kim Fowler, Brain on the Go

I scoured the internet for answers and new curriculums with evidence-based practices that saw an improvement in children’s ability to recall information better and faster.

Benefits of Movement for Mental Abilities

According to an NCBI article from November 2019, physical exercise can have a direct influence on how we process information. 

“Our minds and our bodies are more connected than previously thought, and we should not choose between honing either our mind or our body.”

 –Christopher R. Madan  and Anthony Singhal

In summary, the research implies that movement-based activities should improve memory function vs just reading or having an instruction read aloud. An engaged and healthy brain happens through movement.

When you tell your child 1+1=2, do they grasp the concept? 


Does using blocks and manipulatives along with a full-body analogy work better in their ability to recall the memory of adding one object to another?

Movement vs Sitting

Also, sitting too long can have a direct impact on a child’s ability to focus and retain information. 

It is BORING and they are NOT learning. (i.e. a healthy brain through movement)

According to an educational news article by Eric Jensen, staff developer and author of “Teaching with the Brain in Mind” and “Learning with the Body in Mind”, he reiterates the same claim that physical activity can improve a child’s learning process.

Active learning has significant advantages over sedentary learning.

Eric Jensen

(More research from Eric Jensen – Click Here & Click Here)

Movement and Test Scores

What about the results of moving on test scores?

I know you are thinking “yeah I hear ya Kim but does moving really have a significant impact?”


According to a research project conducted between 2008 and 2010, Mississippi participated in a fitness assessment program and found a correlation between test scores and fitness levels.

These findings suggest that investments in fitness and increasing the number of Mississippi students who are fit may likely result in improved test scores, fewer absences, and fewer disciplinary incidents in schools.  

Fitness among Mississippi Students: The Association between Fitness and School Test Scores, Attendance, and Discipline among Mississippi Students”
-The University of Southern Mississippi

The research was ground-breaking and eye-opening to this disgruntled mom. The improved physical fitness level in children changed not only their memory abilities but their behavioral tendencies. The children were better behaved and didn’t miss nearly as many days of school.

Just another reminder that P.E. class is an IMPORTANT factor in a well-rounded education.

Movement and Multitasking

Now, news articles are publishing more and more articles on this topic. In 2014, the NYTimes published “How Exercise Can Boost Young Brains” and stated that even a brisk walk before test-taking increased test scores for children even those not physically fit.

In this particular article, it discusses a child’s development of their executing functioning. 


I know it is a very big and in-depth term that discusses their ability to control mental multitasking, maintain concentration, and inhibit inappropriate responses to mental stimuli.

Why was this research conducted? It was discovered that at the tender age of 8-9 years old is the time that this mental ability is either developed or stunted. It directly affects a child’s academic progress in school. 

“The message is, get kids to be physically active.”

-Dr. Hillman

Movement and ADHD

If you have a child with ADHD, another research article suggests that just 30 minutes a day of physical activity could improve a child’s performance. 

(Watch this ABCnews clip to learn more)

Another ah-ha moment that I needed to help my child GO and GO some more with object lessons that would help her develop a healthy BRAIN.

BRAIN on the GO

I had to learht the hard way that my children needed movement an oxygen reaching their brains and heart to improve their ability to hitnk and ufnction.

My desire and hope is to provide your with resources and tips to help you overcome the battle of sedentary lifestyles in your family, home, heart, mind and body.

Leave a comment below on how you can implement some of these new ideas TODAY!

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