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I am an entrepreneur, a product and lesson plan creator, and founder of Brain on the Go (BOTG).

I’m also a mom, wife, daughter, volunteer and friend.  As “busy” as life is for ALL of us today, we still want our kids to be successful. I started this journey a few years ago because my child was struggling to learn.  I knew that whenever I created learning activities that involved her moving around, she learned more while having fun.  Around the same time, I started helping other children learn the same way and we had the same positive results.  

These successes made me realize I had to share these unique ways to help children learn.  Elsewhere, you’ll see videos and lesson plans I’ve created – as well as how to easily do this yourself for your children.  Let’s do this together and get your child learning while they move!

After all, these tools and resources can help give your child the motivation and skills they need to learn!


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