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At Brain on the Go, we know how hard it can be to figure out how to help your child learn.  Are you sick and tired of chasing down hints on Google and Pinterest?  When Kim Fowler began this journey to build Brain on the Go, she was doing the exact same thing – looking for easy ways to help kids learn.

After years of searching and sorting, she learned the truth – homeschooling kids is incredibly rewarding and incredibly hard!  Now there’s an easier way to teach your children at home and use your child’s natural curiosity to help make it easier than ever for them to learn.

Brain on the Go offers you a unique way to make learning fun and exciting for kids, no matter what challenges they might have!

Alphabet – How to surprisingly teach your child the alphabet while they are moving around.

The ultimate guide in learning the alphabet in an engaging way!

Sight/Spelling Words – How to secretly teach your child sight and spelling words

They will learn sight and spelling words while on the move!

Simple Addition/Subtraction – How to inspire your child to learn simple addition and subtraction!

These inventive activities were created to get your child excited about learning simple addition and subtraction!

Multiplcation – Here are some unexpected ways to teach your child multiplication and place value.

Some enjoyable ways to learn multiplication and place value while moving around.

Numbers, number words, etc… – Learn some shocking fun ways to teach numbers, number words, colors and more!

They will learn their numbers, number words, colors, shapes, what comes next, before/after and in between!

Free lesson Plans – Free motivating and kinesthetic ways to teach your child to learn!

Creative fun ways to teach your kids to learn educational lessons.

Kim Fowler

Kim Fowler

Wife, Mom, Teacher Asst.

I live to serve God, my family, my students and my community through faith-filled fun activities.


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