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Join Brain on the Go in these fun and creative lessons, as we teach your child together!

Find all of Kim’s incredible tools for helping children to learn, move, and retain far more of the information they’re studying.   Finally, a way to make learning fun and exciting for children, whether they are homeschooled or not, and improve your child’s grades and their enjoyment of learning. 

Kim has already done the hard work or developing the processes and the format, so now, all you have to do is follow the outline and the lesson plans to get started.  Get your son or daughter involved in the learning process and use the energy they have to ensure every day is a new chance to learn anything…

Kim Fowler

Kim Fowler

Wife, Mom, Teacher Asst.

I live to serve God, my family, my students and my community through faith-filled fun activities.


Suggested items for movement and learning


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