It is sad that Pre-K children are now being taught kindergarten curriculum. We are requiring them to sit still and learn, while so many of our children’s minds aren’t mature enough. Our elementary age children need to be moving more while learning at the same time and teaching outside of the box. If you are homeschooling your children, you have the opportunity to do this. If not, then we as parents can work with our children at home. Sitting still while studying for a test or learning something new is in the past.


Older elementary age children are also having to sit still too much. There are too many tests given which in turn leaves not as much time to teach fun, out of the box learning. Very few teachers have the energy or time to add one more thing to their plate. We as parents are having to fill in and help out. We need to make sure that we aren’t making the same mistake and making our children sit still while they learn. Keep your child on the move to keep their brains flowing.

There are different ways that you can move while learning. I can show you a few ways to engage your child while they move. These activities can help your child learn language and math in a fun way. Sign up on my email list located on the right side of this blog. I will send you a few free ways to teach your child to move while they are learning.

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